Within 17 days, Black Panther exceeds $500m mark in theatres Published March 5, 2018


This weekend, Marvel Studio’s blockbuster, Black Panther, made another $65m.

The film has now raked in over $500m after just 17 days in theatres, making it the 10th highest-domestic-grossing movie in history.

The film is sure to eclipse the ninth spot on the list, 2017′s Beauty and the Beast, which made $504m domestically.

The superhero film could even pass The Avengers,which made $623m domestically in 2012 and is the highest-grossing Marvel film of all time.

The film has already notched several box office feats. It brought in $242m domestically in its four-day opening weekend — just behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Those numbers make Black Panther the fifth largest opening of all time, and the top February opening weekend.

With a black director — Ryan Coogler — at the helm and a nearly all-black cast, Black Panther is striking a chord with fans, especially African-American audiences.

With a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film is a hit with critics as well.

The question now isn’t whether or not a sequel will happen, but rather, how many?