When we say “Anambra is NOT for sale”, it includes those jostling to buy it through INEC. What you cannot get from these mercantile lot is the very reason Soludo remains the PEOPLE’S CHOICE. He is offering great value in exchange for public support. Unlike many who intend to purchase same in exchange for zilch value. 
The above opening summarises the position of Chief (Dr) Cletus Ibeto and Dr Innocent Chukwuma (Innoson Motors) yesterday at Nnewi. These Men, as significant faces of the Nigerian business class, have a deep understanding of the times, and are committed to providing Solution to the emerging economic malaise.

Fortunately, those who know understand that the race for Anambra’s top seat is no longer a beat for just anybody. The “clearing and forwarding” Nigeria feeding bottle Federal system is gradually outlawing itself. Anyone who does not know this is simply goose chasing. 

One reality that is indubitable about Soludo’s candidature is the support it enjoys across board, including a willful decision by the people to entrench their own will. 

Ndi Anambra earnestly trust that Charley Nwa Mgbafor has the capacity to ignite a “Prosperous Homeland”. This is the SOLUTION they seek. A quest that is beyond ultra vires and contrived INEC technicalities. 

They can only try. IFEANACHO is here.

For a Greater Anambra, think Soludo! 


– Mazi Ejimofor Opara writes from Awka, Anambra State.