VerifyMe Nigeria reiterates commitment to work place history


VerifyMe Nigeria, an employment history reporting and worker verification firm, has reiterated its commitment to redefining the workforce in Nigeria through identity verification and work history reporting solutions.

The Chief Executive Officer and Founder, VerifyMe Nigeria, Mr. Olutunji Oluwole, made this known in a press briefing in Lagos, as he stated that the agency is at the forefront of enabling verified worker history reporting, workplace security and qualification transparency by providing a workplace information repository to corporate and domestic employers in Nigeria.

According to him, “VerifyMe Nigeria is disrupting the background checks and workplace verification space as we know it. Before now, the standard practice was for employers and recruitment agencies to screen workers based on information supplied by the workers themselves. With our solutions, prospective employers have access to a comprehensive history of a worker’s employment, including reports that the job seeker may have neglected to make public for whatever reasons. The database also affords job seekers the opportunity to respond to such reports from former employers.

“VerifyMe, Nigeria’s innovative technology offers instant workers’ verification, on-demand control of Worker Information Management, access to insightful and accurate Know Your Customer (KYC) database, among other solutions. We are not a recruitment agency; rather our solutions are geared towards protecting organisations and domestic employers from the menace of repetitive workplace crimes and thereby enabling them save billions of naira otherwise lost to crime and wastage annually.”

According to the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, VerifyMe, Esigie Aguele, with over 400, 000 workers and 20,000 employers fully registered on the firm’s centralised repository database, VerifyMe Nigeria is on course to becoming the leading work history reporting and identity verification backbone in Nigeria.

He explained that; “Upon registration on the portal, employers are given a unique employer code which they can share with their workers to register on the portal and tie them to the employer’s account. Job seekers already registered on the database can also present their unique numbers to potential employers to verify reports of good behaviour entered by previous employers.

The database also affords them the opportunity to defend themselves against negative reports.” In addition, Aguele notes, VerifyMe Nigeria is liaising with the relevant authorities to harmonize data points so that security agencies including the Nigerian Police, Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Immigration and others can leverage the VerifyMe Nigeria platform to beef up their operations through verified, secure and real time identity management.