How to use Chromecast to make your TV smarter


Cable TV used to be the best and most reliant method of getting foreign content on your TV screen, but now it is outdated, overpriced and unnecessary.

Streaming is the new cable and there are many smart devices that you can use as a substitute for cable tv to make your TV smarter and access the same foreign content without the overpriced monthly subscriptions of cable TV. With these devices, all you really must pay for is your internet subscription, which if you compare with the price of cable subscription you’re saving a significant amount of money

So, if you are planning to ditch your cable contract and go for internet content, you should be thinking about purchasing the Google Chromecast. There are others like the Roku Ultra Streaming Device, the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Apple TV, but let’s talk about the Google Chromecast for a minute.

The Google Chromecast
The Google Chromecast Ultra for media streaming allows you stream in up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR with stunning pictures and lightning speed. What this means is that when you plug it into your regular TV HDMI port over your WIFI network it allows you stream movies, music and entertainment content in crisper picture, deeper color and smoother video quality with almost to no buffering and smoother streaming.

Whether your TV is 4K or HD, Chromecast Ultra automatically optimizes your content for the best picture quality possible.

Another benefit of the Chromecast is that it gets you unlimited entertainment, all on your schedule. So, you’re not limited to the restrictive bouquet type access that you get on cable. With the Chromecast, you can access the latest movies on Netflix, the latest series on HBO and YouTube or browse over 200,000 TV shows and movies, 30 million songs plus radio, sports, games and more plus a range of free, subscription or paid content from thousands of apps.

Now, that’s a whole lot more than Cable TV offers you. Even if your WIFI network isn’t ready for the demands of 4K, Chromecast comes with a built in Ethernet adapter so you can enjoy rock solid streaming over a wired connection.
The Google Chromecast is available on Bestbuy, B&H, Ebay and Newegg stores all on