Trump announces America’s bid for 2026 World Cup, threatens opposition


US President Donald Trump has announced the intention of his country to bid for the 2026 World Cup in conjunction with Canada and Mexico.

Trump, while announcing the bid on his Twitter handle, warned against opposition from countries that the US has always supported.

Morocco is currently challenging the North American bid for the first 48-team World Cup in 2026.

The president suggested that the US was considering withdrawing support for countries that are not reciprocating the America’s gestures.

“The U.S. has put together a STRONG bid with Canada and Mexico for the 2026 World Cup.

It would be a shame if countries that we always support were to lobby against the US bid.

Why should we be supporting these countries when they don’t support us (including at the United Nations)? Trump tweeted.

The 2018 edition of the World Cup would be hosted by Russia.

On Dec. 2, 2010, FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced the winning bids at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich.

While Russia was chosen to host the 2018 World Cup, Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 World Cup.