Trader collapses as task force raid illegal market in Rivers


A middle-aged woman collapsed on Monday as a combined team of task force working for the Rivers State Government and policemen destroyed an illegal market set up on Sangana Street, along Aba road.

Members of the task force also seized goods blocking parts of the main road.

It was gathered that the task force had earlier warned the traders not to display their goods by the sides of major roads, adding that their action was inhibiting easy passage of vehicles.

When the team came to Sangana Street, the traders ran helter-skelter with some of their wares, but not all of them were lucky as the middle-aged woman was said to have collapsed while trying to escape from the task force.

A trader, who identified herself as Nkiru,said  that they saw the woman on the ground, but were not sure if she was hit by any of the task force members.

“Mama fainted and they (task force members) packed all her things. Our people have carried her away; she is now stranded, but they did not give us any alternative.

“If they provide the alternative and we did not go out of here, then they can take this kind of action against us. What they are doing in affecting us negatively.”

Another trader, who gave her name as Amara, added, “If the government does not want us to hang around like this, let them give us market and give us time to pack out; we are only looking for what to eat. We don’t like the way they are doing it.

“They came yesterday and scattered our shops without warning and threatened us not to display our goods here again. We thought maybe they want settlement, but today, they are here again and are destroying our goods.

“This is where we survive, our children eat from this business and we pay school fees from here.”