During the Second Republic, Chief Augustus Meredith Adisa Akinloye was the Chairman of then largest party in Africa, National Party of Nigeria(NPN) while Chief Adeniran Ogunsanya was the Chairman of Nigerian People’s Party (NPP), the party’s decisions were sacrosanct and irreversible by anybody except if the parties reversed themselves. Everything was going on well in all the political parties and there was solemn discipline. No politician(even Governor’s, Ministers etc) would have the effrontery to be seated when the National Chairman enters any occasion in Second Republic.

Chief Meredith Adisa Akinloye openly scolded Chief Audu Ogbe, who was the youngest Minister at 26 in 1983. Chief Adeniran Ogunsanya asked a Minister, who was made a Minister due to NPP/NPN coalition to resign because he was suspected of anti-party activities.

Today, the story is different. Simple Councillor, LG Chairman & other political appointees disobey the National Chairman of political party. The Executive and the Legislative arm of the Government Lord themselves over the party apparatus. They play God and Lord over the party stakeholders and have their ways often times. The fiduciary responsibilities to the party is seen as if they are doing the party an unmerited favours. The party is being suffocated to accept the whims and caprices of the political class that ascended to their positions through the party. The party machineries are now slaves to those who are supposed to be under the party.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. Our own party is weeping. The power must be given back to the party. The party will start enjoying their right to choose who represents or who governs them if the right candidate gets there. Those who passed through the ranks of the party should respect the privileges of the party structure. They want to use what they call endorsements to short change the party.

Every party in Nigeria is guilty of this malady. It must be resisted at all cost. Today, we call on all the party faithfuls of every party in Nigeria to strongly resist this malady in the Political environment of Nigeria especially Anambra State. We cannot continue to watch selfish individuals to Lord it over on all of us while they rape our common patrimony. 

Enough is enough!

©️ Odaa Opuo