Soldiers arrest 20 suspected electoral offenders

No fewer than 20 men and women have been arrested by soldiers on LASU-Iyana Iba road for wandering.
According to the soldiers, they were wandering from one place to another without PVCs.
Two of them were caught with cutlasses.
One of those arrested said he was having headache and wanted to get paracetamol from a friend living two streets away from his.
Yusuf Olajide, an Okada rider said, he was on his way to refund the money he borrowed to repair his motorcycle when he was caught by the soldiers.
Samuel Olatunji said he lives in a nearby street and he was going to meet a friend at the other street when he was arrested.
The two persons caught with cutlasses said that they were coming from a friend`s farm where they went to assist him to clear the bushes.
The soldiers, however, said they were lying.
“What they told us before we arrest them were different from what they are saying now,” one of the soldiers.
The two admitted lying, claiming that they lied due to their fear of the soldiers.