Episode Two

The name Godwin Obaseki is relatively new to Nigerian politics, but his personality has made a mark in the annals of history as one of Nigeria’s finest statesman of all time, Gov. Obaseki is the true expression of the hausa/fulani saying, “That a warrior is not a talker”. Wake and See as he is fondly called by his loving Edo people was orchestrated by his ability to perform numerous developmental tasks quietly without making political propaganda.

Gov. Godwin Obaseki is a modern day manifestation of the 19th century philosophical thoughts of Ralph Waldo Emmerson the great essayist, which say “If a can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor, though he builds his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door. This is because prior to 2016 the name Godwin Obaseki was alien to the Edo people, but his achievements as Economic Team Chairperson to the Com. Adams Oshiomhole led Edo state government and as special adviser to Africa’s richest man, Mr. Aliko Dangote, won him the Edo people’s love and admiration. According to Com. Adams Oshiomhole, during a 2016 gubernatorial campaign, said “ Gov Godwin Obaseki is the brain behind my administration’s successes, and I believe he will do better than me, because he is a technocrat” those were the reassuring words of Former Governor Adams Oshiomhole. But the fundamental question bugging Edo people is why has Com. Adams Oshiomhole decided to make a U-turn on issues surrounding the reelection of Gov. Godwin Obaseki? However, this recent position of Com. Oshiomhole and many more would be considered in the next paragraph.

The game politics is known for its unending twists and turns, as many political pundits may say “There is no permanent friend or enemy in politics, only permanent interests”. During the build up to the 2016 governorship election, Gov. Godwin Obaseki was the beautiful bride of Com. Adams Oshiomhole, Com. Oshiomhole showered accolades on the impressive performances of the present day governor of Edo state, praising him to high heaven, swearing by everything dear to him that Gov. Godwin is the better choice for the good people of Edo state. Although an handful of Edo indigenes still marvels at the dynamics surrounding the dispute that has engulfed the amiable governor and his predecessor. However, some salient points has be highlighted by the governor as some of the catalysts that may have ignited the political crisis between himself and his predecessor Ex-Gov. Oshiomhole. According to the Governor, some of the issues that broke the once upon a time political romance were the fact that the said Ex-Gov. Adams Oshiomhole after leading the fight against godfatherism and political malpractices, attempted to undermine his administration and assume the status of a political godfather. Gov. Obaseki has again on numerous occasions accused the Edo state chapter of the All Progressive Congress and its leaders of attempting to loot the resources of the state, through money sharing strategies, contracts, white elephant projects and tax collecting services (Agbero).

We have examined the man Godwin Obaseki, we have evaluated the contents of his character according to the accounts made available by His excellency Com. Adams Oshiomhole, now it’s time to x-ray his friends and close associates, using the just inaugurated Edo state PDP election campaign council. However not to make the list too long, some selected distinguished personalities will be examined.

First on our list is the Executive Governor of Rivers state, His Excellency Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, known for his doggedness and astute dedication to the development of Rivers state, Gov. Wike has been selected by the national chapter of the People Democratic Party to chair the Edo state election campaign council, there is no record of any corruption charges against Gov. Wike, both as a Governor or as a Minister of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, the Executive Governor of Adamawa state is the Vice Chairman of the Edo state PDP campaign council, Gov. Fintiri, who was almost a victim of the Oshiomhole rigging formula, won the 2019 Adamawa state gubernatorial election after it was declared inconclusive by the Independent Electoral Commission. This historic feat earned Gov. Fintiri a spot in the gallery of Democratic heroes in the history of Nigeria.

Senator Bukola Saraki, former Senate president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Bukola Saraki gained prominence during the 8th Nigerian National Assembly, he was Senate President from June 2015 to June 2019. Although a former Governor of Kwara state, but his achievements as Senate President stands out, as he his regarded as the best Senate President in modern Nigeria politics. more so, some political analysts predicts Sen. Bukola Saraki the next president of this great nation.

Gov. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, is a former speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, a perfect gentleman and a lover of his people, Gov. Tambuwal was elected into office as the Executive Governor of Sokoto state, after an impressive representation of his people in the House of Representatives. Gov. Aminu Tambuwal even after holding numerous key positions in the Nigerian government, has no record of corruption charges against him.

Gov. Samuel Ioraer Ortom, the man that defiled all odds, just like Gov. Godwin Obaseki, Gov. Ortom was frustrated out of the All Progressive Congress in July 2018 by the likes of Com. Oshiomhole and contested the 2019 Benue state gubernatorial election under the People’s Democratic Party, which he won after a supplementary election. Gov. Samuel Ortom is a Democratic hero and friend to Gov. Godwin Obaseki.

His excellency former Governor Ayodele Fayose “Peter the rock” know for his historic defense of democracy in Nigeria during his time as Executive Governor of Ekiti state, Ex-Gov. Fayose was furiously bullied by the APC led federal government for his open criticism of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, Ex-Gov. Ayodele Fayose an excellent politician and a freedom fighter is a friend to Gov. Godwin Obaseki.

Although he was almost witch-hunted by the EFCC immediately after his time as Executive Governor, Ex-Gov. Fayose who had clean hands and has been cleared by equity, submitted himself to the EFCC, wearing an inscription on his shirt “EFCC I am here”, ever since then no charges has been brought against him.

Once again, just like the children of Israel in Joshua 24:15 , Edo people are faced with a choice to choose on Sept 19th 2020 whom they will vote? Like Joshua said, as for me and my household we shall vote and reelect Gov. Godwin Obaseki.

#Transfomation Drive