Why I shared photo of cash donation to Baba Suwe –Jigan


Kazeem Abimbola, popularly called Jigan Babaoja, has explained why he uploaded a photo that showed him giving ailing actor, Baba Suwe, some money.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that the veteran actor had a stroke and needed urgent medical attention. Since the story broke, his colleagues in Nollywood have been paying him visits. Jigan also visited him in his Ikorodu residence in Lagos but decided to post the picture of him giving Baba Suwe some money, an action which many found ‘disrespectful’.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Jigan stated that the money donated to Baba Suwe was contributed by members of the public and he wanted to be transparent with it. He said, “When you are running a foundation, you must be as transparent as possible since it is not your money. I run the Jigan Baba Oja Foundation. I am only contributing my time and what I am doing is from my heart.”

The actor said he wasn’t surprised when people attacked him for sharing the photo online. He stated, “People will always talk about you, whether you do good or bad. But inside me, I know I am sincere and clean. The most important thing is for Baba Suwe to get help; I don’t owe anyone any explanation. There was no way we could have ignored him when we heard about his ordeal because he has contributed hugely to the movie industry.”

According to Jigan, Baba Suwe’s children had been footing his medical bills for more than five years. But, he stated, “Things have not improved for him. He needs to be taken to the United States for good treatment; he has partial stroke. Before now, the children didn’t want him to seek help from the public. But as things are at the moment, they have no other option but to seek help for their father to be adequately taken care of.”