Qualities incoming Speaker must possess, by House spokesman


The spokesman of the House of Representatives, Hon. Abdulrasak Namdas has said the era of lawlessness in the House of Representatives has passed.

“This is the era of party discipline,” he began. “Therefore, only a loyal party member can be the Speaker of the 9th House.”

The lawmaker, who heads the House Committee of Media and Publicity Affairs and Represents Jada/Genye/Mayo Federal Constituency of Adamawa State, put the issue in perspective ahead of the possible zoning by the APC.

Quite a number of members from different geographic zones and caucuses have indicated their desire to run for Speakership occupied by Yakubu Dogara.

Namdas, who said he is also going to contest the speakership position come June, however said as a loyal party member, he will abide with the decision of the party on the issue.

His words: “Already you are talking to a candidate. I am also aspiring from North-east zone.

“Every zone is lobbying to have the speakership. We are making our cases. For example, we feel that the North-east is the most impoverished.

“We have only had the speakership for four years and we want to have it four eight years so that we can consolidate.

“But more importantly, the Speaker must be somebody that will listen to the party and I am one of those.

“We need a speaker who is a party person, who has the experience and the ability to carry everybody along.

“We are in an era of party discipline and we cannot afford to have a Speaker that the party will not be sure of his position and whatever happens, we must pick somebody who has the party at heart and his loyal to the party.”

He said affairs of the National Assembly are technical matters so the Speaker must also have the ability to preside over the House.

On the reports that the opposition PDP may be fielding the present Speaker, he said: “I don’t think so. When the inconclusive elections are concluded, I assure you the APC will have up to 230 or 240 of the 360.

“I think we are 220 now and there are inconclusive elections everywhere.

“So, I don’t think another party will compete the speakership. The only thing is that whoever they support, it can increase the number of votes, but not enough to upstage the APC.

“Though their number is important, you cannot say they have the numbers in terms of forming leadership. APC has clear majority.”

The lawmaker assured the 9th Assembly will be a radical departure from what obtained in the 8th House.