President Buhari, 16 Things you need to do to make Nigeria great!


A big congratulations to you and everyone that fought hard to make your campaigns a huge success and played a selfless role in your re election despite the diverse oppositions. We celebrate this victory as a step in the right direction because of your love for the nation and our desire to improve conditions for Nigerians.


Firstly, it is important that you continually see yourself as the father of the nation and operate in fairness and equity. Build on a foundation of peace, the rule of law and opportunities for all efforts to deliver a better Nigeria.  It is evident that your anti-corruption campaign has yielded tremendous impact.

RUN AN INCLUSIVE GOVERNMENT – Promote an inclusive system of governance that will be based on productivity that every section of Nigeria can bring out,  and make Nigeria regain its apex position as the giant of Africa and part of the top global community.

BUILD BRIDGES ACROSS ETHNIC DIVIDES – You should continue to build bridges and mutual respect across the country, they must continue to stay abreast of changes in a digital world while jealously guarding and protecting the core social values, customs, and traditions that distinguish our respective people.

AGGRESSIVE INDUSTRIALIZATION PROGRAM – Continue to wax stronger in Nigeria business and commerce in an atmosphere of greater ease of doing business, enabling business, stimulating growth as the next economic strategy.

MASSIVE EMPLOYMENT AND EMPOWERMENT – Fight and reduce unemployment among Nigerian youth by creating at least 774,000 empowerment opportunities

TRANSPARENT LEADERSHIP ( NO MORE CABALS) – Engage all parties that have the best interest of Nigerians at heart, it is a way of building the country of our dream. Safe, prosperous and free of impunity and primitive accumulation by those entrusted with public offices.


Appointment of persons with the capacity and experience to solve specific challenges that will help move the nation forward, even if you are of the Igbo tribe, Hausa tribe, Yoruba, Fulani, Anas, etc. Appoint more women and youths to enable them to contribute their quota to the development of the state and train them for future responsibilities. All positions have to be shared equally to the zones irrespective of all other parties. Consolidate on the foundation his administration has laid in the past four years and restructure the nation’s economy.


I recommend that the government must ensure that the attacks of Fulani herdsmen are immediately treated as a national emergency because of the bad blood it has already created in the country. Efforts of the government must ensure that the activities of Fulani herdsmen are checked to ensure peace and security across the country. The government must provide compensation for all victims of Fulani herdsmen criminal actions to ensure their rehabilitation and restoration.

CLEAR INSURGENCY – FREE LEAH SHARIBU – A reminder to fulfill your promise to rescue Leah Sharibu from the insurgents. Federal Government should do its utmost best to fight for the release and security of LeahSharibu.

RESTRUCTURING OF THE NATION – The need for restructuring is so fundamental because according to our constitution, we are a ‘Federal Republic’ and yet we sometimes operate as a unitary system of government. We cannot make any serious progress when the central government takes decisions alone about the development of the states without recourse.

AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION – Upgrading of the agricultural research council of Nigeria (ARCN) to coordinate, supervise and implement agricultural breakthrough to boost productivity. Provision of incentives to make agriculture attractive to able-bodied youths. Improve rail and road transportation. Access to loans at reasonable interest rates to assists investors. Rapid implementation of viable solutions would ensure a turnaround of the nations agricultural sector.

INDEPENDENCE OF THREE ARMS OF GOVERNMENT – we need to do more to ensure checks and balances and protect citizens’ rights, particularly at the state and local level.

INFRASTRUCTURAL REBUILDING – The government must ensure adequate funds are not only allocated to capital expenditure but also disbursed timely and utilized as budgeted. We can no longer afford to neglect or play politics with our infrastructural deficit.

PROACTIVE RATHER THAN REACTIVE INTERVENTIONS – Focus on prompt strategies of eliminating problems before they become compounded, have a chance to happen rather than responding to events after they happened.

POWER GENERATION AND DISTRIBUTION – There should be a synergy between the public and private sectors to cushion the effects of epileptic power supply in Nigeria. National electricity regulatory commission (NERC) should enforce the standard in the creation and use of power, regulate its generation, transmission, and distribution within Nigeria.

RESTORE NIGERIA AS THE PRIDE OF AFRICA – set aside the negative attributes of corruption and terrorism to restore Nigeria to its enviable position and pride among the comity of nations as the ‘giant of Africa.’

ANTI CORRUPTION FIGHT TO BE SUSTAINED ON UNBIASED AND NONE SELECTIVE APPROACH –  let the fight against corruption be sustained and make every elected and appointed leader to be tasked to be accountable and adhere to good governance to change the negative narratives of corruption, nepotism and violent conflicts in the country to encourage Nigerians and other foreign investors.

All these messages, if combined will help to downplay or completely remove the negative narratives of violence, ethnicity, and religious intolerance and differences.