PDP Congratulates Lawmakers On One Year In Office

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Imo State has felicitated with all lawmakers of the party at all levels as they mark their first one year in office. 
In a message signed by Ogubundu Nwadike,
Acting State Publicity Secretary, the PDP said, “Our party heartily congratulates them for remaining good party men and making our great party proud. We pray that God Almighty will abide with them and their families and bless them as they begin the journey into their second year in office and going forward”.
“Since June 2019 when you assumed office at both the National and State Assemblies, our party has keenly observed your conducts. This party is very proud to announce that you have all done very well in your contributions of high quality motions and bills on the floor of the House in the business of lawmaking. That is moreso when nothing indecent has been associated with any of you so far. Our party prays that you will remain untainted with anything negative as you effectively serve the people of your constituencies, Imo State, and Nigeria.”
“Unfortunately, some people that were elected with the flag of our party decided to play Judas midway. However, our party is glad that the beautiful ones still remained loyal to the party, keeping the good name and flag of our great party flying high. We salute you all, our dear legislators par excellence for standing for true democracy, rule of law and due process, and refusing to sell for any price the people’s invaluable mandate to you in care of Imo PDP. You all are worthy of massive praises.”
“Of particular note was your massive provision of palliatives and relief materials to the people of your respective constituencies at the heat of the Covid-19 lockdown. This party recorded it as a big mark of rewarding representation of the people, whose mandates you operate on. You did well. Our party thanks you. As the Covid-19 pandemic lingers, this party will look out for your continued reach out to the people with relief materials and palliatives from time to time, while the pandemic lasts. Our party commend and applaud you for your all kind gestures.”
“In your second year, which has gloriously begun, we can assure you of the support and cooperation of our party. The party is solidly behind you at all levels and at all times, with our rich party structures, logistics and prayers. This party very much believes in you, and prays that as you have successfully served the people very well in your first year, may your second, third and fourth years be more eventful and fruitful, in Jesus’ name.”
“Once again, our party congratulates you, our beloved representatives, and wish you happy celebrations and successful tenure in office. God be with you. Power to the People!” the party concluded.