Mr. Peter Obi’s Macabre Dance At Ochanja Market




The Ochanja market fire is bringing home Anambra political hawks quickly. None wants to miss the opportunity of manipulating the emotional dispositions of victims of the fire disaster and massaging the sensibilities of the general public. These fellows turn over one another in peculiar recycled efforts to demonstrate solidarity with the people by cast aspersions on the government of Anambra State. In their relay-structured show of empathy deliberately orchestrated by consciously selected media manipulators, they attend the funeral of a death they celebrate in disguise.

These persons congregate under the umbrella of Chief Peter Obi, Chief Willie Obiano’s immediate predecessor who lost the people’s favour the moment he turned his back on the All Progressives Grand Alliance, the people’s party that granted him the opportunity of serving them.

Since Obi lost the people’s favour, it has been his practice to try spinning any development that challenges Chief Obiano’s administration to his advantage. His commitment to this suggests that his life depends on running down a government he instituted as it were. Talk of how far a diehard capitalist will go in seeking fighting back when a deal goes sour. A reminiscence of Senator Chris Ngige’s duel with the PDP hawks who sought to undermine Anambra’s treasury during his time as Anambra State Governor, and their ferocious fight to get back at him at all cost (and they eventually did), reveals the clandestine motive that drives Obi’s irrepressible urge to undo Obiano. With the energy and poise of a marathoner Obi positions himself forever ready to undermine Obiano as long as he suffers denial of the unwieldy sum he sought and still seeks from Obiano, through proxies, as royalty or gratification for aiding his ascent to power.

It is correct to aver that Obi would wish Anambra crashes or burns; he will not mind igniting the fire, provided there will not be the remotest trace of his connivance in the inferno. This is characteristic of Obi. And a leopard does not change its spots; it must spot its trade mark. Obi is vindictive even as he wears innocent smile and relishes a lamb’s bearing.

So he comes to mock Gov Obiano and Anambra people at the disaster that befell them. It should not be lost to Anambra people that since Obi’s woeful play in the ‘Oseloka Obaze for Anambra Governorship Enterprise’ in November, 2017, his rejection sank so deep and hurts so much that he will not spare anything to get back at the chief beneficiary of that rejection. So Peter Obi in his traditional strategy would mobilize foot soldiers of various ranks as precursors to his eventual emergence. At Ochanja, when he did emerge with his apologists, he first deployed his sense of rabble rousing by instigating a procession as a way of identifying with the people. But his tricks are spent. I am surprised that Obi is still enthused by the make believe chants of those who sincerely wish he plies his political trade outside Anambra State to permit them space to savour the benefits of Obiano’s reign which includes freedom from wanton criminality.

Please let those who wish to touch the lives of victims of the fire incidents at Ochanja and Omagba lend hand with the Government of Anambra State in her sworn efforts to alleviate the pains of the losses they incurred.


Ndudi Echezona writes from Osumenyi, Anambra State.