Michael Carrick confirms he will retire at the end of the season

Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has confirmed he will retire at the end of the season to join the coaching staff.

The 36-year old joined Manchester United in 2006 from Tottenham Hotspur for £18m has played only four times this season due to a heart trouble.

The Manchester United captain after he was asked if he was retiring said: “There comes a time when, as much as you like or don’t like it, your body tells you it’s time to stop playing football. That’s pretty much where I’m at, which is fine. It’s something you have to accept. That’s where I’m at.”

Carrick still hopes to play a part for Jose Mourinho’s side in the remainder of the season, fully recovered from the heart issue.

I got back fit and I wanted to finish on my own terms really. At least I could decide and not be forced because of that, so I was determined to get back fit. I understood after getting back fit that I wouldn’t be playing as many games as perhaps I might have done, but that’s something that I understood. I’ve just been training hard and trying to keep fit and have managed to play a few games so far and we’ll see what happens towards the end of the season.”

Carrick has played 463 times for United with 24 goals. He also represent England 34 times with his last international outing coming in a friendly against Spain in 2015.