Internet banking: Top 5 best banks in Nigeria


WITH advances in technology being made daily, it’s only natural Nigerian banks have stepped up efforts to keep pace with the needs of modern Nigerians. Few of us have time to step foot inside a bank, let alone fill out slips, wait in lines for hours and deal with sometimes surely bank employees.

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These days banks are making it easier for us to get access to and control our cash and with millions of Nigerians connected to the world via their fingertips, internet banking is one of the most important features any bank can offer you. Competition in this field is fierce but through independent research, it’s clear some banks are miles ahead of the pack. Here are the top five Nigerian banks that are the best of the best when it comes to internet banking. Heritage Bank Heritage Bank is leading the way in internet banking. The mobile app is user friendly, making it one of the easiest and most efficient apps to use. Heritage offers two internet banking services, with one for personal use and another for corporate use. Through its services, customers can view their latest account information, manage multiple accounts, transfer funds across any bank, pay bills, buy airtime, SMS alerts and make debit card and cheque-book requests. Through its corporate services, businesses can automatically pay employees’ salaries as well as contractors and suppliers from anywhere around the world. Heritage also has a huge focus on security, so you know your money is safe. Zenith Bank Zenith Bank is also right up there with Heritage Bank when it comes to internet banking. Zenith puts a lot of energy into its app, which means plenty of upgrades and new features. Similar to Heritage Bank, Zenith offers real time account balances and transaction information, you can make transfers to other banks and you can pay bills too. With Zenith you can make bulk payments to employees and third parties. The bank has also included a new feature which allows customers to track their spending and savings. Diamond Bank Diamond Bank has one of the most comprehensive list of internet banking features among the top Nigerian banks. It includes all the regular features you would expect, plus extra features like touch ID for iOS devices, you can switch debit cards on or off, buy movie tickets, top up your Konga Wallet and even personalize your app with a selfie. GTBank GTBank is a consistent performer, though its app can be a bit clunky at times. With GTBank you can check your balance, purchase airtime and domestic and international flight tickets, pay bills and transfer money. GTBank also has its Mobile Money feature which allows customers to withdraw cash from GTBank ATMs without a card. You can also pay for purchases with your E-Wallet at selected places, though this feature can be unreliable. Access Bank Access Bank rounds out the top five with a very efficient internet banking system. Access Bank has an easy to use app and offers two services, Mobile Banking Classic and Premium. Classic features detailed balance and transaction history, ability to make payments across any bank, purchase prepaid electricity and locate the nearest ATMs and branches to you. You can also get personalized offers for ugrades and limit increases. One of the best features of the Premium services is that it allows you to carry out transactions in higher volumes, up to N2 million daily. Although Nigerians have a worldwide reputation of being some of the smartest negotiators, experts have said that too many Nigerians settle far too easily when it comes to who they bank with. It is always important to shop around to find out what bank is best for you. It’s never too late to switch to a better bank