Ihedioha: Your Ides of March Has Come






Despite the fact that Mbaise people are great and wonderful, blessed and prosperous; inasmuch as, I have many good friends from the area, I must however state that the behaviour of Emeka Ihedioha over the historic Supreme Court judgement on the 2019 Imo gubernatorial election, has succeeded in portraying Mbaise people as overly desperate, selfish and ambitious on any matter.


Recall the case of Catholic Bishop, sent to Mbaise Diocese but whom they rejected because, he is not from the area. They gathered and petitioned the Pope, demanding his removal on the flimsiest of excuses. The Vatican consented to their demand by removing the Bishop but never appointed a replacement hence to date, Mbaise Catholic Diocese, has no Bishop.


The same way, one man in his desperation, has mobilized the entire civil society groups in Nigeria and abroad, with his connections as a former journalist and Imo resources at his disposal, to insult, castigate and lampoon the Supreme Court, that it gained from on different occasions during his 12-year representation of Aboh Mbaise – Ngor Okpala Federal Constituency, in the House of Representatives, through favourable verdicts.


Now that it didn’t favour him, he is leaving no stone unturned in the bid to desecrate the sanctity of the judiciary by an unfounded agitation and claim that he won an election, when he knows the clearly spelt out Constitutional provisions, which proves that he didn’t win the election because he didn’t fulfill the requirements of Section 179(2) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended.


Now the pertinent question is, what does he expect from the over-hyped Supreme Court review? Is he a real democrat?


Frankly, he is acting as if he is not conversant with the prayers of Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma ab initio.


The 388 polling units results, which were wickedly excluded and which he was praying for, from the Tribunal to the Supreme Court, were neither vacated nor kicked against via a counter claim.


It is therefore strange that when the Supreme Court, finally gave the verdict in favour of Senator Uzodinma, instead of congratulating him or preparing himself for the next election, Ihedioha as a non-democrat amply proven, has been busy, mobilizing deluded groups and poorly paid hirelings against the government and judiciary of Nigeria.


Ihedioha, it is obvious, you are not smart enough. In spite of all the wise counsels and entreaties, you have received from across the political terrain regarding your so-called review drive; you still proceeded to the United States of America, to hire people who are selling hamburger, to embarrass the government and judiciary of Nigeria.


You forgot that the issue of election has a lot to do with the sovereignty of this country. You must be reminded that this is our democracy and Nigeria is an independent nation.


With countless appeals from eminent Nigerians, advising you to sheathe your sword, even from within the ranks of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), including former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, your boss but whom you betrayed by supporting Tambuwal at the PDP primaries, yet you remained stiff-necked.


You slugged it out with Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu and he did sheathe his sword after the Supreme Court judgement but yours is so different because you are not a democrat otherwise, you should have learned how to obey court verdicts, more so, that of the apex court in the land.


By your desperation, you are looking at all the learned and distinguished judges in the face, telling them that they have erred.  If you are properly tutored, you should have known.


I honestly expected you to proceed to the International Court of Justice at the Hague to challenge the judgement of the Supreme Court of Nigeria against you, that is time and statute barred.


Did you realize that there is no extension of time specified for post-electoral litigation by law?


Yes, your sycophantic cronies and hangers-on, are telling you to go and try your luck but you forgot that it is not by noise making.


Remember that Supreme Court verdict and Constitutional provisions are not for the streets.


However, you want to obtain judgement from the street instead of the court. Whipping up sentiments across the land in an attempt to pitch the people against the Supreme Court even when you know that the court is the last hope of the common man and the same court, which you are ridiculing, insulting, lambasting had given you favourable verdicts in the past but your opponents never heated up the polity like you.


Dear Emeka Ihedioha, must you be a Governor?


Must you always win?


Let me assure you that it is not over yet. You are gradually burning your fingers, shooting yourself in the foot because of the immense wealth you amassed from Imo State Treasury following your seven months of illegal occupation of the Imo Government House.


Do you ever listen? Bend down your head, open your deafened ears and hear what God and the people are speaking.


Stop behaving like Biblical King Saul. The power has been taken from you yet you are busy haunting the man enthroned by God. I mean, the Imo David, has come in the person of Senator Hope Uzodinma and the earlier you know this the better for you.


You are not a tactician, you are not a gladiator, stop pretending.  Power belongs to God. My brother, it comes from God. Elections are won and lost, and if indeed, you have gone through the courts, you should have known that judgement of the Supreme Court is final.


As a “fair competitor,” your “impeccable and massively inflated results” from the three local government areas in Mbaise, during the 2019 Imo gubernatorial election, speak volumes.


That was the main fraud. You tried all you could, to perpetrate fraud but when you failed, you made a sudden U-turn, crying wolf.


Caution, they say, is the eldest son of wisdom. I expected you to know what it is. For one thing, age is still on your side, as you still have many years but for another, do you really look like a person, who can be trusted to truly represent the people of Imo?


Remember, it is all about people’s vote and mandate.


In fact, I am tempted to believe that you are so desperate to clinch power, because, there are some people, you want to deal with. Yes, I am convinced that this your so-called fight, is not for Imo, otherwise, you should have known that an Imo son like you, is the current and legitimate occupant of Imo Government House but you are fighting your personal fight.


With regard to the 47 roastabouts in the form of deregistered political parties seeking relevance by saying that they will want to be joined in a matter, which they are not party to right from the Tribunal; I will state that it is pure demonstration of ignorance, political grandstanding and arrant stupidity, for acting as if they don’t know the processes in legal matters.


Once again, it is certain they are dancing the music being played by Ihedioha in his desperation and overambition. Just laughable. Let me take you on a Bet, be spared from fine on March 2, 2020 by the supreme court for orchestrating this abuse  or I throw in my wig and gown.