I do my compositions better in the toilet- Ebenezer Obey


obeyThe fact that highlife music then was well known and accepted outside Nigeria, made its popularity to be felt all over Africa, especially within the West African Sub-region, like Ghana. I love Juju for two cogent reasons. One, it was for the fact that it had been there and people loved it too. The second reason was that I was convinced beyond all doubts that I could redefine  Juju music through my creativity. I thank God today that I have succeeded in developing and modernizing it appreciably. Challenges then as Juju musician It is obvious that everything that one wants to start in life is bound to be plaqued by obstacles or challenges. This came in an adventurous form and unless you are prepared for this adventure you may not succeed. But with my determination, I scaled through by God’s decision to crown my efforts and I thank him sincerely for this. Composing my music

There are two factors involved here. The first was talent and special ability to compose. God gave me both. But on my own, I put in extra efforts into my compositions. This, I usually do whenever any song crept into my thought. Interestingly, this mostly happened whenever I was in pretty quiet places, especially in the toilet. When I noticed this, I began to go to the toilet with biro and writing materials in anticipation. Hence the tendency to spent more time there than expected  because it was the safest place to spend more time without  being disturbed. I thanks God for crowning my efforts which finally led to my success. I am such a person who takes my pray seriously. Perhaps, as a result of this, God crowned my labour. Composing the ‘Paulina’ hit single In composition, imagination and creativity are pretty important. That was exactly what happened in the case of my ‘Paulina’ hit single.

The setting then was the defunct Marina called seaside. All I did was to see myself walking along the area one breezy night when I bumped into a pretty lady called Paulina. Her ravaging beauty encouraged me to probe who she was. I was excited to have known her name and as somebody who was love-struck I lifted her off her feet, singing about her bewitching beauty. Meeting Fatai Rolling Dollars I want to say here that all my steps especially in music were ordained by God. Meeting late Fatai Rolling Dollars was just one of the steps which God directed. Before we met, I was already a band  leader. I formed my band in 1957. However, I played with him for  many years. This was how it happened. One faithful day two elderly musicians were passing by my house. One was playing the guitar while the other was drumming. I loved their music, and as a result of that I followed them quietly for quite a long distance. When they realised I had been following them, they stopped suddenly. They were shocked at my action and asked why. I confessed that their music which swept me off my feet was responsible for my action. It was then they asked if I could assist them to get instruments.

I told them that I knew where they could get it. They looked at me, bewildered, or more like an angel who came when all hopes were lost. So, I took them there. They rented the instruments including amplifiers for their engagement which had been giving them sleepless nights. One thing led to another until I requested to know Fatai Rolling Dollars. The men gladdened my heart when they told me that Rolling Dollars passes in front of their house most times. They promised to arrange how I could meet him. This, they did successfully. That is how I met Rolling Dollars. It was when we met that God used me to established his band. It was then I played under him and became his second in command. I was with him for three year before I left, I left because it was the dream for everybody to grow and become a master of their own. Going into praise-singing I did not go into praise singing for the fun of it. It had been there for ages when my fore-runners in the juju music genre started music and popularized it Why I embraced and started propagating gospel through Juju music To become a gospel artiste you must be called. When the Lord  called me, it was not easy for me to embrace the call. Hence for 12 years  I struggled with God before I finally answered his call. That was how I started my ministry in which I have already spent 25 years. I was called when I was 50 years.

I have been propagating the gospel for the past 25years ago, using music to evangelize, bring people from the kingdom of darkness to light. Life after the death of my wife I strongly believe that after living with her  for 48 years her sudden death is bound to make me feel bad, especially for the inevitable vacuum created by her painful exit. It is not naturally easy for anybody to love and live with somebody for years, only to lose her and not go through excruciating pains which only God can heal Why I mark my birthdays Since I became a celebrity I celebrate my birthdays. I remembered that I celebrated my birthday when I was 40 years , simply for the fact that it was a landmark in my life. I did again when I was 50 years, 70years and now I am set once more to celebrate my 75th birthday on April 3rd at Abeokuta, Ogun state capital.

The main factor is to thank God for all his goodness till now, especially His grace which had kept me alive and healthy too. So, I have all the cogent reasons to praise and thank him every time, using my birthdays and music as a channel and forum. Pranks as a lad and teenager I want you to know that every faces of life comes differently because when you were a child the way you think, act, do things differ from the way you conduct yourself when you are an adult. You are not expected to think act as a child when you are already an adult because  you are expected to have been matured and as a result, become a right thinking person. I must have acted as a child when I was. But as an adult it has been a different ball game.