Since the creation of man, God has been in the business of redeeming humanity and answering prayers. History has recorded from the time of Bible instances when the people found themselves at a cross road and looked up to God in prayers and God answered them. Interestingly, God shows himself mostly at a time it does appear that all hope is lost. God works in a mysterious ways and His ways are not man’s ways. Neither His thought  like that of man. He blesses whom he wants to bless and at a time He chooses to bless him. How and when He does it is only known by Him. It is good we understand this.

The truth is that God proved himself and His powers over man in the case of Imo Governorship of 2019. No matter your carnal  interpretation, God really showed that indeed the expectations of the righteous can never be cut short. God proved beyond every reasonable doubt that when man proposes, He God disposes. God again showed that it is not he that Willeth nor of him that runneth but of God that showeth mercy. In life, no man says and it comes to pass when God has not finally says.

In 2019 Imo Governorship, they came and acted like human beings but on January 15, God came like God. They used their human orography, they deployed their human intellect. They used their connection at INEC to rig the election and in their crude and wicked thinking, they decided to place themselves as the first, second and third purported winners but deliberately placed Governor Uzodimma in 4th  position apparently thinking that it will be difficult for him to come up from that 4th position.  to challenge their wicked rigging actions in court. Indeed, they reasoned like men with flesh and blood. 

They did everything to influence the headship of INEC in Imo and brought their own relative. They even ensured that almost all the adhoc staff of INEC were those they influenced. They succeeded in having INEC at their beck and call and felt that they were good to go. Of course, they succeeded partially but glory be to God that He remaineth God forever. 

Well, just like the Biblical Joseph that his wicked brothers sold off or rather written off, God brought him up to the palace where even his own brothers had to come to pay homage to. That was the same way  they felt that they had successfully sold off Senator Uzodimma using their contact at INEC but God brought him up to the palace of Imo state  where all of them are now under him. Never you conspire against a man with divine Grace.

However, God has a purpose for bringing Governor Uzodimma to Imo government House. Before Governor Uzodimma came on board, Imo state was like a conquered territory. The people were disillusioned, frustrated, debased and at a cross road. Before that time, Imo state was hijacked. There was segregation  and  hatred against one another in Imo. There was this feeling of hopelessness and haplessness. The state was literally bleeding and the people prayed to God for redemption.

It was at that  stage that Governor Uzodimma was brought to reclaim the lost glory of the state. Perhaps, unknown to many people, Governor Uzodimma entered into a serious covenant with God. He vowed never to take the path of the past where Imo resources and properties were personalized and mindlessly abused. He vowed to use Imo money to work for Imo people.

Look, when I see people who do not really understand whom Governor Uzodimma is  or his real self, I pity them. Honestly, that man is not just an ordinary human being. I mean it. I will say that he is half human, half spirit. He has a special Grace. He is under a serious covenant that he himself cannot afford to go back. You know, we always look every issue as politics. No, not all.

Governor Uzodimma has a divine mandate and he cannot fail. Mark my word today. He can only fail at his own peril. He is not under the command of Man, no matter the person. He has not come to make you to love or hate him. He has actually come to fulfil a divine purpose and that is to work for the people. Don’t be surprise that he will complete his 8 years and he will not be richer than he came in. 

So, I want people to understand that there are people with special anointing and that is where Governor Uzodimma falls. Mark my word again, Governor Uzodimma can never be defeated in any battle because what is in him is greater than that in all his enemies  put together. I don’t care what anybody will accuse me of, all I know is that I know what I am saying. God does not make mistake.  

Truthfully Yours, Nwamkpa Modestus is my name and I approve of this piece.