Encounters: Mistakes Are Good

Yeah! Some mistakes are good. But you must never, never allow them to become a ‘recurring decimal’. A part of you. What you are generally known for. Just learn from your mistakes and move on.
And that’s exactly what I have done. I’ve really, really learnt from that unforgettable encounter with Mr. Tony Elumelu, the billionaire businessman and Chairman of UBA, which I shared here last week, and like I vowed, that same mistake will never, never repeat itself again. I also remember our motto, back then, as members of the Boys’ Scout: Be Prepared!
Armed with both, and of course now wiser, another event, weeks later, took me to the garden city of Port Harcourt, in Rivers State, where an almost similar scenario played out.
While waiting to catch my flight, at the Port Harcourt Airport, I became pressed and needed to use the convenience.
Done with that irresistible call of nature, and while trying to properly tuck in my ‘thing’, before proceeding to wash my hands, I looked up and who did I also see doing the same thing: Chief O.C.J Okocha, the legal luminary and Senior Advocate of Nigeria.
Instantly, I moved closer, introducing myself. And as I did, an unmistakable smile broke out on his bearded face.
Anyway, he continued nodding his head as I went on and on telling him about myself and YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine. Satisfied with my ‘pitch’, he asked me to follow him to his seat, pleaded with a friend whom he was obviously discussing with before my intrusion to spare us some minutes and right there and then we had what, in my own estimation, turned out a fantastic interview.
But before you dive into the interview, my advice today is that you must never fail to learn from your mistake(s). Always come out of every mistake better than you were. Every mistake, as a matter of fact, must leave you better than it met you.
Take the lesson and then trudge on. Nobody is perfect. Only God. So, who are you to share that glory with Him?
Finally, I need you to understand that some of the biggest and richest men and women; those whose success stories enchant and enthrall; the ones we salivate and jubilate about also make mistakes. The difference between you and them is that they easily get over theirs.
Yes, they bemoan their losses, but they don’t dwell perpetually on them. Why, therefore, must you wallow in yours in forever? Don’t! Never! Just imbibe and assimilate the inherent lessons and then move on.
Eyes on the ball. No distractions. Never give up. Give it everything it takes. And then leave God to do the rest.
Thank you once again for keeping a date with me and see you next Saturday, God willing!
– Azuh is a journalist, author and motivational speaker