Anambra 2021: As the PDP Primaries Draw Nigh; A Passionate Appeal To The Party Delegates


It has become sacrosanct to oust the present political leadership that is causing untold hardship to the people of Anambra State as the people are fed up with the leadership style of the incumbent government. 

For us as a party to wrestle power from the hands of the present leadership who have for the past 16years hold sway of the government of Anambra state, we must go with the best we have as a party after working out the calculations that has to do with the Anambra 2021 November polls and considering the permutations. In other not to be left out of the corridors of power again in the scheme of things, we must eschew every sense of sentiments and avoid unnecessary rhetorics and rigmarole that might deny us Agu awka come November 6th. We must have to follow the sterling advice of our leader,  His Excellency,  Mr Peter Obi where he said that we should elect some one with the proven capacity to contest and win elections. A candidate that can lead from the front and not a mere effigy who will just want to test his or her capacity. We must have to go with our best in terms of a leader whose capacity has been tested and trusted in all spheres. Someone who has a track record of election victory. A politician that understands the needs and yearnings of the party and the state in general. Its time Ndi Anambra elects a core politician to run the affairs of the state. 

Of a truth, PDP is highly blessed and favoured as all the aspirants in the party are men and women of repute who have distinguished themselves in their various capacities and capabilities.  But nevertheless, the party must go into the elections with just a candidate out of the many aspirants that expressed their interest.  

It is on this note that I call on all the aspirants in our great party to sheath their sword immediately after the primaries and follow whoever the party delegates elects at the primaries for its only such that could guarantee the victory of the party at the polls. It has been recorded in the past elections where other aspirants absconds after loosing the party ticket to support the opposition and this has greatly affected the party men and women at the grassroot level  as they are left out in the scheme of things. 

Ndi Anambra PDP, we can get it better now, let’s support the youngest of them all who have not only proven capacity but have shown resilience, doggedness and perseverance in his quest to better the lives of Ndi Anambra through the provision of good and quality leadership.  In the words of Mr Peter Obi, “Mmanwu anyi ga etiputa bu mmanwu oga abu ona agba egwu na ogbo, anyi ana eji ya eji” Umunnem, Ayaka Nsugbe bu nnukwu mmanwu umuazi okenye na atu egwu. 

Hon Dr Tony Nwoye knows the  road, let us follow who know road considering his political trajectory, he will lead us to Agu Awka.


Great Azikigbo, Special Assistant Media to Dr. Tony Nwoye.